Voxel was started because we were excited by the idea that any app could be accessed with a simple URL. As we started brainstorming we realized our technology could be useful for many things, not just interactive ads. At Voxel we believe that mobile application delivery and interaction is fundamentally flawed and there is a better way.

Tim Cheng, CTO & Co-Founder

Tim is an expert in remote rendering technology. Most recently he was SVP of Advanced Technology at Splashtop. Tim invented and led the development of Splashtop Remote Desktop, which has been one of the top apps on iOS and Android platforms. Before Splashtop, Tim spent 10 years on research and development of CPU/GPU systems, virtualization and dynamic translation technologies. He held various management and engineering positions at NVIDIA, Montalvo Systems and Transmeta. Tim studied computer science at Tsinghua University and received his B.S. in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with the Bronze Tablet honor.

Russ d'Sa, CPO & Co-Founder

Russ started his career in Cisco's Advanced Products division while writing his Master's thesis. Shortly after, Russ founded a YC-backed company in Summer 2007. He worked on something like Airtime, and it failed, but even Sean Parker couldn't make that idea work. Burnt out on Web 2.0, he joined 23andMe to learn more about genetics, an area he had never studied in school. After two years, Russ joined Twitter in 2009. Notable projects include @anywhere, #NewTwitter, Activity (Connect), and inventing the Twitter Cards platform in his spare time where he was the sole engineer on early versions.

David Schwartz, COO & Co-Founder

David is a seasoned sales and business development executive. Prior to Voxel, David was responsible for cultivating and managing several Fortune 500 accounts for a small consumer cloud storage company. During David's tenure, he directly grew and managed eight figures in yearly revenue. David has always considered himself an entrepreneur. From starting a lawn care business at 14 or reselling translucent Xbox cases one by one to help pay for college, David has always operated with a strong sense of passion and relentless drive to succeed.

David Zhao, CEO & Co-Founder

David is a technology entrepreneur. Prior to Voxel, David was founder & CEO of ZumoDrive, a pioneer in mobile cloud storage and media streaming. David led ZumoDrive to a successful acquisition by Motorola Mobility where he then served as Director of Engineering. Before ZumoDrive, David was a lead software engineer at Amazon where he architected, built, and deployed scalable cloud services that powered Amazon's digital media products. David is also a proud owner of three goldendoodles and an aspiring sailor.


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